Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine is the medical specialty committed to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. Doctors of Internal Medicine are known as internists.

Patients of internists range in age from adolescents to the elderly. Internists value the patient-doctor relationship and often care for the same patients over the length of their adult lives. As they come to know each patient, internists become familiar with their unique health status and challenges as they arise, whether they are acute illnesses or chronic diseases. An internist will be very concerned with patients' overall health and emphasize wellness and well-being in their care strategies.

Internists are trained with three years of residency. Some train as General Internists and others become subspecialists (such as cardiologists, gastroenterologists, etc.) As some of our providers have done, internists can become certified in two specialties, such as in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

All of our physicians are Board Certified in Internal Medicine.